Leadership Development Case Studies

Building Leadership Capabilities at the Country Manager Level

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When a Fortune 100 company wanted to build leadership capabilities of their worldwide Country Managers… HUDSON Research & Consulting developed a comprehensive leadership development approach, from pre-promotion, to on-boarding to ongoing development. Blended learning, leader-led classroom training and action learning met the diverse needs of this population and facilitated development across time zones and geographies.

Making the Transition to Manager

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When a consumer products company wanted to create a comprehensive approach to the transtion from individual contributor to first-line manager… HUDSON Research & Consulting developed tools to help individuals assess the “fit” of the manager role for their own values, skills and goals as part of a Career Development program. We also developed a Toolkit of materials to help new managers make the transition to management, and designed custom training that focused on building skills, including emotional intelligence, time management, delegation and employee assessment. After the program was implemented organization-wide, individual contributor employee engagement levels improved in year-over-year Employee Opinion Surveys.

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