Competency Models

HUDSON Research & Consulting develops competency models that support your strategic agenda and reflect the demands of the marketplace, capturing on a behavioral, tactical level what distinguishes high performers. Our competency models are used for talent management decisions (including selection, training, performance management, succession planning and compensation), offering powerful opportunities to align HR strategy to business objectives throughout the organization.

Our customized approach to competency model development is pragmatic, future-focused, and results in models that are memorable, usable day-to-day, and will endure as the enterprise evolves.  Our approach builds commitment through participation and reflect your organization’s unique culture and values. Our competency model development process captures the distinguishing corporate capabilities that offer competitive advantage.

Our research approach incorporates the following best practices:

Multiple Sources: More than one perspective is obtained (e.g., customers, executives, incumbents, direct reports, etc.)  The results are enhanced based on these diverse viewpoints.

Multiple Methods: Both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies are used.  As each has different strengths, using more than one research tool produces a superior result.

Synthesized Analysis: All data (regardless of source or method) are considered when compiling recommendations. The final results represents the best synthesis of all information gained from various perspectives.

While our approach is always customized to each client’s needs and requirements, we typically follow a five-step process for developing competency models:

  1. Collect Data
  2. Develop Model
  3. Test Model and Validate
  4. Finalize Model
  5. Implementation & Launch


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