Curriculum Blueprint

To ensure that learning is integrated with business strategy, you need a Curriculum Blueprint.

With the contract between employer and employee undergoing fundamental change, strategic investments in learning are a high-impact, proven approach to increase engagement and productivity. A Curriculum Blueprint ensures that learning in your organization provides expected Return on Investment and strategic alignment.

In most organizations, learning curricula evolve into a patchwork, as courseware  has been implemented to respond to different market and organizational conditions at various points in time; the end result is that learning design is not cohesive.

Our Curriculum Blueprint provides the strategic architecture for learning to ensure  alignment with business imperatives. HUDSON Research & Consulting develops Curriculum Blueprints to build executive sponsorship, increase employee productivity, as well as attract and retain the best talent, through a long-term plan for learning.

To create training that builds organizational capabilities, the HUDSON Research & Consulting Curriculum Blueprint:

  • Defines a strategic plan for training.
  • Ensures alignment with corporate strategy.
  • Defines learning objectives, explicitly aligning to business goals, linkages between courses, delivery methods and sustainability approaches.
  • Builds line involvement and commitment to training.
  • Positions training as an investment, not an expense.

Promotes  requisite organizational supports needed to sustain learning and behavior change over the long-term.

The Curriculum Blueprint creates alignment across stakeholder groups regarding key learning priorities, investment decisions and sequencing of programs. Organizations that implement our Curriculum Blueprint transform how training is perceived, from a cost to a strategic investment.

> CASE EXAMPLE – Strategic Learning Plan for Global General Managers

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