Global Virtual Teams

Globalization is increasing the requirement for virtual teams to foster growth and innovation. With high stakes, it is imperative that these teams have a proven framework to promote optimal functioning.

The HUDSON Research & Consulting model for global virtual teams sets the overall context for success within a framework of Diversity & Inclusion:


As global teams are inherently diverse, differences and similarities should be harnessed as a source of innovation and new ideas. Our proven approach ensures that the mix of functional, cross-cultural and technical skills is fully leveraged to accomplish the identified purpose.

We create learning, online tools and resources to provide your global teams with solutions that enable them to achieve the best results, following our D&I, Purpose, People and Process model.


We work with you to create online tools that our research has shown to be differentiators.

These include:

Purpose Tools: Why The Team Has Been Established

  • Defined intended objectives
  • Clarify the alignment of the team’s objectives with enterprise goals
  • Obtain sponsorship and stakeholder buy-in
  • Drive all decisions with the purpose in mind

People Tools: Who Can Best Accomplish The Stated Purpose

  • Effective & Inclusive Leadership
  • Sponsorship
  • Cross-cultural competency
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Team Rules of the Road
  • Communication and effective use of technology

 Process Tools: How The Team Works Together

  • Governance
  • Use of technology
  • Clarifying Decision Rights
  • Need for Enterprise Level Support

Our customized approach follows this process:


  • Conduct background research regarding the current state of virtual teams
  • Identify criteria for a successful outcome for global teams
  • Select 5-10 high performing and low performing teams
  • Identify key opinion leaders for an Expert Panel
  • Conduct qualitative research with team leaders and team members to compare and contrast the high performing Global Virtual Teams with others, using a client-approved protocol to isolate the factors within the organizational culture that drive success


  • Conduct content analysis of findings/produce report and compare against external best practices
  • Create a model of success factors of high performing, innovative global teams (e.g., clear purpose, leveraging diverse perspectives, having a process for managing conflict, leveraging diversity, promoting innovation, ┬ábalancing focus on results with focus on relationship, etc.).
  • Review with selected high performers in Expert Panel
  • Finalize
  • Create tools for remote teams to easily access (such as webinars featuring high performing team leaders and team members, Toolkit, customizable templates, access to curated resources, etc.)
  • Review and finalize Remote Global Teams tools


  • Create and deliver a launch strategy by key stakeholder groups
  • Deliver tools and pilot test
  • Obtain feedback using Pre- and Post- metrics can be created
  • Roll out to all sites

Our research has shown that global virtual teams using our approach achieve faster and better results . The custom tools we create produce better results in terms of Purpose, People, and Process, leveraging Diversity and Inclusion.

For more information, read the article “Four Drivers to Enhance Global Virtual Teams” published in Industrial and Commercial Training

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