Leadership Development

HUDSON Research & Consulting helps you  develop and retain leaders throughout the leadership pipeline, from first-line to enterprise leaders.  Our customized approach is research-based and uses discovery learning to get learners engaged, challenged and ready to tackle your organization’s pressing problems. Our focus is on practical, business-oriented programs that focus on real world issues.

Leaders today confront tremendous change, uncertainty and evolving business models. In these unprecedented times, your leaders need development that is driven by organizational strategy, reinforced on the job and uses multiple learning approaches.

Our leadership development solutions address your strategy, culture and values and prepare leaders to engage employees, demonstrate business acumen and provide competitive advantage through superior results. Our four-step systematic design process with built-in client reviews, shown below, ensures that the leadership development solution we design fits your specific requirements and moves the organization forward  to achieve important goals:

  1. Define
    1. -client review-
  2. Develop
    1. -client review-
  3. Deliver
    1. -client review-
  4. Evaluate
    1. -client review-

Our commitment to build lasting success begins with how we engage key stakeholders at the start of the design process. We ensure that there will be executive support and buy-in to  leadership development, creating shared responsibility between the line organization and training to ensure that learning is reinforced and sustained on the job. At HUDSON Research & Consulting, our blended learning methods, including leader-led classroom based, action learning, e-learning and peer coaching, develops leaders that are prepared, committed and ready to leverage the power of people for maximum advantage.

CASE EXAMPLE: Building Leadership Capabilities at the Country Manager Level

CASE EXAMPLE: Making the Transition to Manager

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