Research Services

At HUDSON Research & Consulting, our team of seasoned consultants delivers research that enables our clients to make informed decisions. Our approach encompasses thoughtful recommendations and actionable insights, delivered with objectivity and an understanding of how the findings connect to your business goals. Fundamentally, our goal with any research undertaking is to help your organization make better decisions and achieve desired results. Our research is characterized by:

  • Engaging key internal stakeholders around problem definition so the initiative has the right focus and, just as important, commitment.
  • Selecting the right methodology to get the insights you need, analyzing multiple perspectives in the most cost-efficient way.
  • Leveraging existing research first, so the focus is capturing new information.
    Bringing a holistic perspective on the business, so we understand presenting and underlying issues in context.
  • Conducting action planning when the results are in. We work with you to make sure the right people are engaged in the process, and systematically define implementation of next steps.
  • Mobilizing the organization to undertake purposeful change.

Examples of the kinds of research projects we deliver for our clients include:

Market Research

  • New product launches
  • Company image studies
  • Customer satisfaction research


  • Product Launch for a Pharmaceutical Company
  • Assessing Value-Added Services for a Healthcare Manufacturer

Organizational Research & Design

  • Training needs analysis
  • Organizational assessment
  • Employee surveys, focus groups and depth interviews
  • Custom training solutions



  • Defining Drivers of Sales Performance
  • Strategic Alignment at a Professional Services Firm

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