Performance Management

To compete in today’s demanding business environment, organizations require maximum performance and engagement from all employees. To meet these high standards, employees need clear targets for performance, coupled with meaningful feedback and assessment to let them know where they stand.

Unfortunately, performance management processes often fail miserably at meeting both organizational and employee needs. In fact, a recent article in the Wall Street Journal cited a study in which 58% of HR executives rated their own performance management systems a “C” or worse, and only 30% of respondents agreed that employees trust these systems.

At HUDSON Research & Consulting, we work with our clients to implement a systematic performance management process that is proven to:

  • Meet the needs of both organizations and individuals
  • Align with business strategy
  • Provide clear feedback that highlights improved understanding and action
  • Build individual and organizational competencies
  • Increase accountability.

HUDSON Research & Consulting works with you to design the Performance Management process to ensure it is:

  • easy to use for both managers and employees
  • helps improve performance and engagement
  • provides crucial performance data for the enterprise overall.

Our approach addresses multiple stakeholder needs and incorporates training to support the process, to promote meaningful, purposeful conversations with employees. Numerous Pre/Post studies conducted within client populations confirm that the HUDSON Research & Consulting performance management approach addresses organizational and employee requirements.


  • Re-design Consumer Products Approach to Performance Management

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