Integrated Talent Management

Opportunities for growth are challenged by a shrinking pool of talent. Consistently rated by CEOs as one of their “Top 5” challenges, according to The Conference Board’s annual Global CEO report, human capital challenges are a pressing concern across regions.

The most successful organizations link talent management with strategy, and provide the optimal resources to support evolving business needs. Effective talent management is essential in the global economy, as the war for talent has no borders.

Business leaders who invest in talent management can capitalize on emerging trends and opportunities more quickly than competitors. In fact, research from UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School has demonstrated that organizations that have a strategic talent management program have:

2x the revenue than those without talent management programs

40% lower employee turnover

38% higher employee engagement

HUDSON Research & Consulting designs integrated talent management as an end-to-end framework that allows for agile adaptation to the workplace. We see the process as a cycle that is driven by business objectives, as shown below:


Our approach is based on a number of core principles:

  • Require executive sponsorship
  • alignTalent strategy with the business strategy
  • Integrate as part of business planning and
  • Owned by business leaders
  • Communicate philosophy about talent across the organization
  • Focus on being proactive, not reactive
  • Keep the process simple and transparent.

We can help your organization to design a strategy for integrated talent management that is focused on the organization’s strategic objectives, differentiated value and corresponding human capital needs. Effective talent management design includes understanding:

  1. Where the organization is and where it intends to be
  2. Defining growth strategies and corresponding talent requirements
  3. Required competencies to fuel future growth and competitiveness
  4. Where to make differential investments that will yield the best results.

Our process includes:

  • Needs assessment of current gaps and opportunities
  • Design plan to create the desired model, including governance and technology needs, talent need identification
  • Deploy the process through clear workflow processes, to be intgrated with the technology infrastructure
  • Measure and calibrate against intended goals.
  • Apply Diversity & Inclusion lens
  • Achieve Global scale with local relevance to be able to respond to each geography’s unique needs.

To learn more about our approach, contact us.

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